Comprehensive Marketing Plans – Platinum Package

Platinum package baza marketing planBaza Marketing Platinum Package Marketing Plan

The Platinum Package plan by Baza Marketing is the best value for all the services your company will receive.

Advanced Local and International SEO and Lead Generation

Baza Marketing’s expert team has all the tools and techniques your company needs to rank high for your target keywords in online search’s all over the world. We start by researching a complete list of relevant keywords your customers use to find businesses like yours. Next we optimize your website using a number of advanced SEO techniques to rank for every single one of those keywords we researched. Monthly ranking reports are delivered to you so you can watch your company rise in the search engines.

Advanced Social Media Management

In addition to our SEO efforts we work to synchronize and optimize your companies social accounts and create optimized accounts on every social platform available. We work to constantly engage and build your online audience with engaging and fun material that’s relevant to your industry. Everyday your social accounts will be updated with consistent messages and pictures. You have the ability to promote any company news or sales like never before with our team.

A highly active social media presence like the kind you get with our Advanced Social Media Management gets your business in the spotlight of your audience regularly. Build brand awareness with regularly boosted promotional posts, run sales right through your social media, and keep your audience interested with pictures of your store, new products, customers, and faculty. Experience all that an advanced social media management approach can add to your customer relationships.

Ad Management

With Baza Marketing you get the skill and experience of a team of professionals proficient in virtually all advertising platforms. You have the freedom to experiment with emerging advertising platforms like Instagram, twitter, and more where your advertisements may be getting the highest return per marketing dollar. We will run ads side by side and do regular tweaks to develop the most efficient campaign possible. Regular monthly (and weekly upon request) reports are sent to you so you can watch your marketing dollars being put to work.

Ad Management by Baza Marketing can take your business where it wants to go at the budget it wants to you. Talk to us about our advanced approaches to researching your industry to design the perfect ad campaigns.

Additional Features of the Platinum Package Plan

With the Platinum Package plan from Baza Marketing you get all the advanced techniques and effort a highly skilled and experienced team of marketers can offer. We handle all the SEO efforts and lead generation to ensure you continue to get a steady stream of business. Four new blog posts a month are posted to your company blog to ensure Google and other major search engines see you are active and provide good content thereby improving your SEO. In addition you get website management service that comes free with our services. Simply ask us to add the features or content you’d like to have and we will have no problem making the appropriate changes. We will also provide you limited technical support. Lastly, you get to utilize our high reach press release service once a month where we will send out news and updates about your company to hundreds of thousands of media points. Give us news to write about or we will make it up ourselves. You will find our press release services will improve your SEO by providing valuable back links and will also ensure that your company messages reach mainstream news outlets like the Financial Times and local and national news outlets.

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