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Creating Successful Facebook Ads

creating successful facebook ads

How To Create A Successful Facebook Ad Learning how to create a successful Facebook ad involves understanding a couple key ideas about the nature of your advertising medium and the mental state of your audience. Once you understand these ideas, which I will explain, we will focus on the actual technical aspects of creating effective […]

How To Measure Your Cost Per Acquisit...

how to calculate your cost per acquisition

Cost Per Acquisition Is The Only Analytic That Matters Your cost per acquisition or CPA cost is the only analytic that matters to your business. This cost is the culmination of your marketing efforts. You can take this number and divide it by the amount of marketing dollars you spent to determine your return on […]

A Quick Look At 2015 | SEO and Intern...

A quick look at 2015 seo and internet marketing

A Quick Look At SEO And Internet Marketing In 2015 The end of 2015 marked the end of the halfway point of this decade. One day kids will look back and wonder what life was like for the people who lived then. For many industries including agriculture and science we saw major changes. From li-fi (internet […]

Digital Marketing Versus Traditional ...

digital marketing versus traditional marketing

What Is Better? Digital Marketing Versus Traditional Marketing The online marketing or digital marketing versus traditional marketing debate is one that can be equally frustrating and important to many small businesses. The logical answer is that both are useful and both have potential to surpass the other. The cost of putting a liquor poster outside […]

How To Drive Leads To Your Website

how to drive leads baza marketing

Drive Leads to Your Website Effectively drive leads to your website by focusing on the following key points. If you want to know how to drive leads to your website and you are a small business owner then you have come to the right place. Even if you are simply an aspiring business owner and you just made […]

How To Develop A Marketing Stategy

how to develop a marketing strategy baza marketing

How To Develop A Marketing Strategy The big question that’s on every business owners mind is how to develop a marketing strategy. Baza Marketing is a Boca Raton digital marketing company that knows a thing or two about developing marketing plans, we have developed many over the past several years for our clients and we […]

The Importance Of Good SEO

the importance of good seo for businesses

The Importance Of Good SEO For Businesses The importance of good SEO is apparent to any seasoned retail or restaurant owner. As customers and people in general begin to rely more and more on search engines for finding things they need, good SEO becomes very important. Let’s say you own a bagel shop in manhattan. […]

What Makes A Good Marketing Company?

What makes a good marketing company baza marketing

What Makes A Good Marketing Company Good digital marketing companies nowadays are hard to come by. All too often when looking for quality online marketing services you find lazy digital marketers hitting the automate button on some program you didn’t know about and picking their noses. That’s why you need to know what makes a […]

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