Digital Marketing Versus Traditional Marketing

What Is Better? Digital Marketing Versus Traditional Marketing

The online marketing or digital marketing versus traditional marketing debate is one that can be equally frustrating and important to many small businesses. The logical answer is that both are useful and both have potential to surpass the other. The cost of putting a liquor poster outside of your bar window may lead to more conversions per dollar than the same money invested in Adwords targeting keywords [your area] bar. However, the cost of putting up a billboard versus spending that money on Google ad’s could be more than it’s worth to some businesses.

How Do You Decide What’s Best?

The question here is how do you decide on what’s best in the online marketing or digital marketing versus online marketing versus traditional marketingtraditional marketing debate. When you need to reach international market’s with a product that you expect people to maybe buy twice in their lifetime digital marketing is for you. When you want to reach a domestic or local market with a product you expect people to buy again and again then traditional marketing may be your best option. It is important for a business to understand how to best go about marketing it’s product, therefore it’s important for businesses to understand the act of marketing itself. The act of marketing involves being familiar with advertising platforms, agencies, average prices, and tools to analyze your ROI. Advanced marketing like those employed by our own Digital Marketing Services┬áinvolve understanding these elements, gaining experience by using them, and taking them a step further to gain the information that will help our clients make more informed decisions.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is marketing with SEO, and advertisements across advertising platforms. SEO itself involves organizing your entire online presence with a number of techniques and expanding it with content, back links, and citations. Advertisements include those messages you create to communicate the value of your product or service. Problems commonly associated with digital marketing are it’s need for knowledgable a professional or experienced person to navigate the advertising platforms settings, and it’s targeting of only people online. There are many options for people who want to target very specific audiences in a geographic area or with specific identifiable behaviors.

What Is Traditional Marketing?digital marketing versus traditional marketing

Traditional marketing is any form of marketing that does not involve going online. Billboards, signs, flyers, paying for professional referrals, radio, and more are forms of traditional advertising. Good traditional advertising means you have placed your brand image or product in direct view of your target audience. The problems associated with traditional advertising involve reaching the wrong audience or not enough audiences and reach is generally low due to it’s fixed geographical location.

Baza Marketing Provides Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing

Baza Marketing provides businesses with many marketing options. Our marketing professionals understand that in order for your business to succeed we need to utilize all advertising methods in order provide the best approach to getting sales. We optimize your sales process and make buying extremely easy for the customer. We know that sometimes the best marketing approach for businesses is a mix of digital and traditional marketing methods. For this reason we take the time to research and adapt to the ever changing marketing landscape. We hope this article gives you a better understanding of the digital marketing versus traditional marketing debate and that we’ve provided some clarity to you as a prospecting or current business owner. Contact Baza Marketing to get started today with advanced SEO services and ad management services. Reach out to us to set up a meeting where we will discuss your traditional and digital marketing options.

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