Creating Successful Facebook Ads

How To Create A Successful Facebook Ad

creating facebook adsLearning how to create a successful Facebook ad involves understanding a couple key ideas about the nature of your advertising medium and the mental state of your audience. Once you understand these ideas, which I will explain, we will focus on the actual technical aspects of creating effective Facebook advertisements.

So Let’s Talk About Facebook

Facebook Ads are a great tool for generating sales for many reasons. Likely the best reason, the Facebook advertising platform collects and organizes a huge amount of information on their users and therefore their targeting options can be very specific. facebook targeting adFor example, let’s say you want to target new mother’s of 3 month old or younger children living in newly mortgaged houses valued over 100k in Pembroke Pines Florida with your new baby bottles that you have to self deliver? (You’ll be targeting a group of nearly 60,000 people with those targeting settings!) Facebook can do that; it’s targeting ability is that good. This makes the platform ideal for many small businesses that want to focus their marketing dollars on a specific target audience where otherwise their best bet would have been with traditional marketing utilizing the local newspaper, magazine, or outdoor advertising.

The state of mind your audience is in when they see your ad is very unique as well and makes Facebook great for some things and not so great for others. Unlike the Google Ad Words audience actively searching for products and services, Facebook users aren’t necessarily on there to look at advertisements; they are there to connect with their friends and family. This unique situation means that effective ads must do more than simply state the rational direct benefits of their product, in most cases at least. Effective Facebook ads must be creative and spark interest in their audience. Before I go into how to spark interest however, I’d like to point out that Facebook is great for advertising to potential customers that don’t yet know your type of product or service exists. Emerging industries don’t have high search volume keywords to advertise on Google (or other search engines) for like developed industries have. For example, people are searching for Greek restaurants all the time. For a new Greek restaurant to get business they would simply have to rank for that keyword. A company with a new product that turns your old socks into pencils (those genius inventors should probably be focused on bigger issues if you ask me) would have a hard time on Google Ad Words, people aren’t searching for this kind of product because they don’t know it exists. For these situations ad platforms like Facebook are their best option for reaching potential customers.

Facebook Ad Creatives Will Make Or Break Your Ad Performance

Ad performance refers to your cost per acquisition, not just your cost per click or cost per 1000 impressions (unless you are running a branding campaign). You’ll need to set up analysis (try using Google Analytics) to follow your clicks all the way to the checkout button on your website. Follow this easy guide to analyzing your cost per acquisition to learn how to do that. I’d like to not that your cost per click or cost per 1000 impressions are probably going to be good indicators of whether or not your ad is effective however and the lower these costs are the more reach your ad will get.

Your Ad Image Is Key

Your ad image is likely going to be the very first thing your audience will see so having one that begs their attention would be a good idea. High quality images with interesting subjects that are relevant to your target group would do well. However, images that look like a non-professional photographer took them may actually do better in some cases. Stock looking images can sometimes give away that what your audience is looking at is an ad and they may simply scan over it. Non-professional looking photos may trick them into thinking they are looking at a friends photo and get them to stare long enough to actually read what you have to say. Be careful however as this is likely the first impression your audience is having with your brand so you’ll want to look good if you they will ever open their wallets for you. Whereas a non-professional photo may get a high click through rate you may be getting that at the expense of looking un-professional yourself and could be hurting your company more than helping.

Gain Trust To Make Sales

Another important thing to point out for generating sales would be that your ad should match the theme of your destination URL. You’ll want to perhaps use the same images, subject matter, or color scheme of your website so that potential customers aren’t thrown off when they get to a site that they weren’t expecting. The more trust you earn from your potential customer the more likely they will buy from your website.

What Did We Learn About Facebook Ads?

What have we learned about Facebook ads? Hopefully you have learned a lot more than you knew before reading this post, or at least a new perspective. The points being made here are that a good ad needs to 1) Be relevant 2) Be interesting and 3) be trustworthy. Care must be taken to choose the right targeting and you must remember that your ad is your companies first impressions so make it good. A good point of reference is that you shouldn’t be paying more than 75 cents per click on your ad. Baza Marketing regularly gets cost per clicks down to 30 cents and lower but to get our secret sauce on making Facebook ads you’ll want to talk to us directly. We’ve been working with Facebook ads for many years now and know the in’s and out’s of the process. If you’d like to talk with us to get some advice or talk about how we can grow your business fill out our contact form to your right or email today.

– The Baza Team

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