A Quick Look At 2015 | SEO and Internet Marketing

A Quick Look At SEO And Internet Marketing In 2015

The end of 2015 marked the end of the halfway point of this decade. One day kids will look back and wonder what life was like for the people who lived then. For many industries including agriculture and science we saw major changes. From li-fi (internet over visible light) to the epidemics plaguing our bananas and bees. We saw whole trends come and go (eerm Chipotle). Technology of course led this force of cultural evolution and it’s branches of change were felt in almost every crack and crevice we can think of. SEO and online marketing was no exception. Google is getting smarter, other search engines gaining ground in the search market, tactics that worked in the past hurt you now, and advertising platforms continued to improve their targeting abilities with the huge amount of information we get from the users of the internet now. Overall, this change is good and we can be happy about all that has happened this year. Baza Marketing as a company has grown and adapted to these changes in SEO and internet marketing with open arms. We took this change so well because we are people who from the beginning firmly believed that ranking your company shouldn’t involve under the table tactics or schemes. We have always worked to rank our clients and partners with ethical tactics and our extra hard work is paying off more and more with every search engine update.

What can we expect in 2016?Seo and Internet marketing in 2015

2016 is off to a great start already. Our clients can expect their rankings to soar this year as Google puts more emphasis on legitamate backlinks and page load speed. Websites that have have failed to adapt to the changing SEO environment or have gained their rankings with schemes and black hat practices will see their pages begin to drop. Google pays close attention to internet trends, like how more than half of the internet searches are on mobile phones, and uses it’s internet search dominance to promote an efficient internet. One new technology to look our for this year is AMP optimized pages. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Page and uses open source code to use in addition or in place of certain html code to “AMP” up page speed for internet users trying to gain information on the internet from their mobile phones. Read more about AMP and it’s initial impact here. Google has explicitly stated that AMP enabled pages will rise in searches on their search engine.

Structure will be the game changer in 2016 as Google will put further focus on structured websites and data. With more complex algorithms begin employed, more data will help Google decide what your company is about and what you want to rank for. Properly using rich snippets and website organization is key however as mistakes will now do more harm than before.

SEO itself is far from dead. The industry continues to grow more complex with every update and Baza Marketing is your number one source for SEO services that reach both local and international audiences organically. Let’s start this new year off right.

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A Quick Look At 2015 | SEO and Internet Marketing
A quick look at the news in internet marketing and SEO in 2016.
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